This blog is about my birding exploits, which mainly take place in the Weymouth/Portland area, in Dorset. Will also include stuff from elsewhere, plus some other critters too. Hope you enjoy. All photographs are © Brett Spencer, unless indicated otherwise. The above image is of a Siberian Rubythroat, taken in Holland in 2016.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Black Stork & Baird's Sandpiper

The other Saturday evening, whilst ready to go out on the piss, a Black Stork inconveniently turns up in the Middlebere area. It stayed to early the next morning, but I was fucked. Damn and blast I was thinking, to put it politely. Still, it wasn't a Dorset tick, but having only seen one in Britain, a juvenile at Radipole Lake in 1990, it would have been good to see. Then, whilst stuck at work last Tuesday, it decides to fly over Weymouth and Shit Rock, the latter I'm guessing was a foolhardy mistake, as it was soon back over Weymouth. So, I was somewhat gripped by this stage. Thankfully, it went no further than West Bexington that evening and the following morning before work, it allowed me to connect with it. 

Like the Radipole bird of 1990, this too was a juvenile.

Some observers were rather close for comfort me thinks.

Adults, of course, are gorgeous creatures. This one was at Monfrague, Spain in 2006.

Yesterday, a Baird's Sandpiper turned up at Black Hole Marsh, Seaton, in Devon. I hadn't seen one since 1998, so decided to pop down and have a look.

This was my first adult.

Other odds and ends now.

Juvenile Little Gull seen briefly on Lodmoor during the week.

1 of 2 Ruff on Lodmoor yesterday.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Kentish Plover

What a cracking find by Richard Morris this morning, of a juvenile Kentish Plover in Weymouth Bay. I somewhat sauntered along, after the report that it had been flushed by dog walkers. I started my search from the Pavilion end and eventually located it on the shore opposite Lodmoor.

The first view, distantly along the beach.

It proved rather jumpy.

But, eventually got good views.

This is a very rare species in Dorset away from Ferrybridge and Christchurch Harbour. This was my 25th Kentish Plover in Britain, all having been in Dorset and all bar 2, including this bird, have been at Ferrybridge.