This blog is about my birding exploits, which mainly take place in the Weymouth/Portland area, in Dorset. Will also include stuff from elsewhere, plus some other critters too. Hope you enjoy. All photographs are © Brett Spencer, unless indicated otherwise. The above image is of a Siberian Rubythroat, taken in Holland in 2016.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Siberian Lesser Whitethroat on Portland

Trapped and ringed in the Obs garden and retrapped in the Obs quarry a week later. Remember to look out for these this autumn, so that we can build up a picture to their true status. Take photos so that, where possible, you can, at first, age the bird, then showing the extent of brown on uppers that extend onto the nape/crown, outer tail feather pattern and if you're really lucky the spread wing showing the wing formula. For the latter though, the services of a kind and responsible ringer would certainly be preferable. Also, listen out for the call, which can include a rattle, as well as just the single tac note. 

1st-year Siberian Lesser Whitethroat at Portland Bill.

Is that a smart bird or what?

By the way, the last post was a teneral male Red-eyed Damselfly.