This blog is about my birding exploits, which mainly take place in the Weymouth/Portland area, in Dorset. Will also include stuff from elsewhere, plus some other critters too. Hope you enjoy. All photographs are © Brett Spencer, unless indicated otherwise. The above image is of a Siberian Rubythroat, taken in Holland in 2016.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ok, It's Not A Needletail

Had some fun photographing Swifts on Lodmoor this afternoon.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Little Adventure For Something Truly Exquisite

Fancied a little trip today to refresh my memory bank. It meant doing something I really hate. Getting on a boat. Anyway, it was well worthwhile, with the end result being a beautiful summer plumaged female Wilson's Phalarope. The bird performed wonderfully at Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight, literally a five minutes walk from the ferry.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Bit Of A Catch Up

As you may have noticed, I've been a bit quiet on the blog front, other than the odd post about something rare. A lot of this has been down to the fact that I have been busy with other things and also the weather in May was less than ideal, which meant I was down in the dumps. So, in affect, I couldn't be arsed. May was an appalling month bird-wise for me. I didn't see a single scarce or rare bird in Dorset all month. Some of this was down to laziness, some of it was down to sheer rotten luck. You certainly had to be in the right place at the right time during May. What little there was available to twitch, well, I just didn't bother. You could say I was off the boil. Still am in a sense, with the onset of the midsummer doldrums and dipping on a Greenish Warbler today.

Dorset's Rare Bird Of The Month

April - I'm sure a few people have their favourites, be it Chesil Cove's White-spotted Bluethroat or Lodmoor's Red-rumped Swallow, but bird, well birds actually, of the month must go to the 2 Black Storks that were found over Weymouth and were seen shortly afterwards over Dorchester. Well done to Paul Harris who found them, sadly though they were only seen by the lucky few.

May - Although a Black Stork was seen during the month, which was certainly the rarest bird of the month, being it could well have been one of the April birds, I think bird of the month has to go to the Ortolan Bunting at Longham Lakes. Not only a notable spring find, but incredulously, the second spring record for this brilliant inland sight. Well done to the finder.

My 10km square year list has been kicked into touch. To be honest, I fucking hate year listing, so that's enough of that shit for me. I do like birding though and feel I'm well overdue to find something good.

A few bits and pieces from the last month or so.

Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits on Lodmoor on 30th April.

A sleepy Whimbrel on Lodmoor on 30th April.

Little Tern at Littlesea, The Fleet on 3rd May.

Short-eared Owl at Wyke Down on 6th May.

Male Greenland Wheatear at Wyke Down on 6th May.

Female Greenland Wheatear at Wyke Down on 6th May.

Guillemot at Portland Bill on 1st June.

Razorbill at Portland Bill on 1st June.

Great White Egret at Ham Wall, Somerset on 8th June.

Another Great White Egret at Ham Wall, Somerset on 8th June.

Pochard duckling on Lodmoor on 9th June.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Caspian Tern

Yesterday, Dave Chown found a Caspian Tern at Radipole Lake. It didn't hang around there long, but luckily, it was refound by Mike Morse at West Bexington. Myself and Fred shot down there that evening, but on arrival there bird had flown off east. After just over an hour of waiting around, the bird thankfully reappeared.

Here it is with a Great Black-backed Gull. What a whopper.

On the upperwing, the contrasts in the outer wing and hint of a secondary bar shows that this is a 2nd-summer bird.

A truly stonking bird.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

With the Eastern Subalpine Warbler at Portland Bill showing itself, after earlier being trapped and ringed. Ricky said I would see it, being me birthday. Cheers Ricky.

1st-summer male Eastern Subalpine Warbler.